But the “Serpents of Wisdom” have preserved their records well, and the history of the human evolution is traced in heaven as it is traced on underground walls. Humanity and the stars are bound together indissolubly, because of the intelligences that rule the latter.
Modern symbologists may scoff at this and call it “fancy,” but “it is unquestionable that the Deluge has (ever) been associated in the legends of some Eastern peoples not only with the Pyramids, but also with the constellations,” writes Mr. Staniland Wake (”The Great Pyramid”).The “Old Dragon” is identical with the “great Flood,” says Mr. Proctor (in “Knowledge,” Vol. I., p. 243): “We know that in the past the constellation of the Dragon was at the pole, or boss, of the celestial sphere. In stellar temples … the Dragon would be the uppermost or ruling constellation … it is singular how closely the constellations … correspond in sequence and in range of right ascension with the events recorded respecting the (Biblical) Flood.”
The reasons for this singularity have been made clear in this work. But it shows only that there were several Deluges mixed up in the memories and traditions of the sub-races of the Fifth Race. The first great “Flood” was astronomical and cosmical, while several others were terrestrial. Yet, this did not prevent our very learned friend Mr. Gerald Massey — an Initiate truly in the mysteries of the British Museum, still only a Self-initiate — from declaring and insisting that the Atlantean submersion and Deluge were only the anthropomorphized fancies of ignorant people; and that Atlantis was no better than an astronomical allegory. Nevertheless, the great Zodiacal allegory is based upon historical events, and one can hardly interfere with the other; and it stands also to reason that every student of Occultism knows what that astronomical and zodiacal allegory means. Smith shows in the Nimrod Epic of the Assyrian tablets the real meaning of it. Its “twelve cantos"refer to the "annual course of the Sun through the twelve months of the year. Each tablet answers to a special month, and contains a distinct reference to the animal forms in the signs of the Zodiac"; the eleventh canto being "consecrated to Rimmon, the God of storms and of rain, and harmonizes with the eleventh sign of the Zodiac — Aquarius, or the Waterman" (Nineteenth Century, 1882, p. 236). But even this is preceded in the old records by the pre-astronomical Cosmic FLOOD, which became allegorized and symbolized in the above Zodiacal or Noah’s Flood. But this has nothing to do with Atlantis. The Pyramids are closely connected with the ideas of both the Great Dragon (the constellation), the “Dragons of Wisdom,” or the great Initiates of the Third and Fourth Races, and the Floods of the Nile, regarded as a divine reminder of the great Atlantic Flood. The astronomical records of Universal History, however, are said to have had their beginnings with the Third Sub-race of the Fourth Root-race or the Atlanteans. When was it? Occult data show that even since the time of the regular establishment of the Zodiacal calculations in Egypt, the poles have been thrice inverted.
— H.P. Blavatsky: The Secret Doctrine
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Talismanic Qur’an Board Omdurman City, Sudan
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Janus’s famous ‘double visage’ gave way to Janus words, also known as contronyms - words that have two opposite meanings. Take our quiz to see if you can guess the Janus words from their two different meanings.
Image: Janus coin, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.
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h e a r t
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beauty in the folding of wings //
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Muse, iconoclast and surrealist extraordinaire…Méret Oppenheim.

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Jewel Tones | Sapphire sky + Diamond Stars in Labradorite Celestial Hemisphere
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"Sunset (Brothers)" ( 1830-1835)
~ Caspar David Friedrich
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Shapes in Nature by by Michael Dachstein
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“Stunning 1932 still of Katharine Hepburn on stage as Antiope, grabbing Colin Keith-Johnston’s Theseus by the hair.”
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Shell Mask Gorget, ca. 1500-1700. North American Indian, Late Mississippian Culture. Marine shell.
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In worlds, we perish
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First century Roman mosaic with the Greek motto, ‘Know Thyself.’
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